Review: The Builders by Daniel PolanskyThe Builders by Daniel Polansky
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy
Release: November 3, 2015
Type: Novella

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The time is right, and the Captain gathers his old company together to take revenge and reclaim their glory. That the Captain is a mouse makes him no less intimidating and persuasive. That the company is comprised of a mish-mash of other animals brings them a great mix of skills… and personality disorders.

This excellent novella turns Grimm into Grimmdark.

What Makes it Epic Grit:

  • Adventure and Wonder: Fluffy animals band together for a quest.
  • Believable Characters: Anthropomorphism aside, crazy concept aside, I totally bought into this.
  • Real Consequences: Deadly consequences.
  • Epic in Scope: Hell, they battled for control of the whole of the Gardens.
  • Subverts “Good versus Evil” Tropes: Call this “Bad versus Bad.”
  • Different Perspectives: The ensemble format and shifting viewpoints worked well.


It’s Inglourious Basterds meets The Wind in the Willows. They fit together like chocolate and peanut butter. I loved it!

Daniel Polansky wrote a short flash story called “The Weasel’s Last Hand” for the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog to promote The Builders.

Also check out "A Kippled Meal" the flash fiction story by Daniel Polansky and Lawrence M. Schoen. This little tale also features animals who discuss their culinary preferences. Their preferences are, unfortunately, true to their natures.

Review: The Builders by Daniel PolanskyA Kippled Meal by Daniel Polansky, Lawrence M. Schoen
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy
Release: November 6, 2015
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