Welcome to this week’s Epic Grit Free Reads. In this edition our fiction links are "Elephants and Corpses" by Kameron Hurley, presented at Tor.com; "RedKing" by Craig DeLancy, presented at Lightspeed Magazine; and "Incursions" by Lavie Tidhar, presented at Nature.

For nonfiction we link "The sinister, secret history of a food that everybody loves" by Jeff Guo at The Washington Post’s Wonkblog. Also, "Hogancamp’s Heroes: How Playing With Dolls Lets a Hate-Crime Survivor Fight Back" by Lisa Hix at Collectors Weekly.


There is a Readlist at http://readlists.com/de4f7ea5/ where you can reference the list and send the stories to your Kindle, iPhone/iPad, Dropbox, email, or download an epub file.